Debate Club

Grades 7-10

The Debate Club is open to our older students who have participated in ‘Intro to Speech and Debate’ and/or our school-based lunchtime Debate Clubs.

Thursdays 7-8:15 pm

Ryerson Public School, 940 Waterloo Street

Session 1: 6 weeks, mid September – late October, 2018.

Session 2: 6 weeks, early November – mid December, 2018.

Session 3: 6 weeks, mid January – late February, 2019.

Session 4: 6 weeks, late March – early May, 2019.

Enrolment limited to 8 –  12 members

The Debate Club is open to older students who have participated in previous sessions including Intro to Speech and Debate.

Debate topics will alternate between impromptu topics – where students have 15 mins to prepare – and prepared topics – where students are informed of the resolution the week prior.  Attention will continue to focus on sound argument construction, with additional emphasis on the flow of arguments and the preparation of rebuttals.  Students will be responsible for judging their peers once their own debates are finished.  There will also be opportunities to prepare and present Interpretive Readings and Impromptu and Persuasive speeches.

Fee $60

Please contact to register.