Lunchtime Debate

We offer lunchtime debate classes in schools for groups of 8-12 students in Grades 5&6 and Grades 7&8. Beginner and Intermediate classes are offered.

Beginner class goals are for students to: learn the format and rules of Parliamentary Style Debate by doing – all students will participate in multiple debates; to understand and implement the principles of A-R-E argument formation; to understand the role and purpose of a rebuttal.

Intermediate class goals are for students to extend their knowledge from previous sessions with both prepared and impromptu debate topics. Greater emphasis will be placed on logic and on delivery while students learn to flex their debating skills.

Course fees are $35 per student for 6 weekly lunch hour sessions of 40 min.

Sessions are limited to those listed below for the coming 2018-2019 school year.

Please note: Classes are capped at 10-12 registered students.


Winter 2019 Class Times

Session 1:

Tuesdays Jan 8th – Feb 12th

Wednesdays Jan 9th – Feb 13th


Session 2:

Tuesdays Feb 26th – April 9th

Wednesdays Feb 27th – April 10th

(No class the week of March Break)


Spring 2019 Class Times

Tuesdays April 23rd – May 28th

Wednesdays April 24th – May 29th


To inquire about debate courses for your school please email London Speech and Debate or fill out the form below and we will contact you:


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